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Wishing you good health, healing and prosperity!

As our countries continue to learn about the far-reaching consequences of the coronavirus, the solidarity of a caring community gives us hope. On behalf of the members of Sister Cities of Hampton, Virginia, we send our thoughts and best wishes to our Southampton family!

About Southampton

Southampton, England is Hampton’s oldest sister city. It is one of Great Britain’s most historic ports. It is about 60 miles southwest of London and 30 miles northeast of Portsmouth on the south coast of England. It has a population of just under 250,000. The Titanic (1912) and the Mayflower (1620) both sailed from Southampton. During Ann Kilgore’s term as Mayor of Hampton, the City with the help of Southampton, contracted with the College of Heralds in London to create the Hampton City seal.

An Invitation from the Chairperson
Geoffrey Tennille and Vice Chair, Marty Tennille

We are currently seeking highly motivated volunteers who are interested in planning activities, home stays and/or hosting visitors to celebrate the culture of our Southampton sister city.  The success of this committee depends on the effort and dedication of our volunteers, so that is why we need YOU!

I've personally visited Southampton, so I can honestly say you will enjoy learning about their rich culture and history by being on this committee.  If you are interested in serving through this supporting role, please consider  joining and volunteering to serve on the Southampton Coordinating Committee.

Resources & Facts
  • Hampton and Southampton have been sister cities since the late 1950s.


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