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Wishing you good health, healing and prosperity!

As our countries are gripped by the coronavirus outbreak, the solidarity of a caring community gives us hope. On behalf of the members of Sister Cities of Hampton, Virginia, we send our thoughts and best wishes to our Anyang family!

About Anyang

Our interchange is truly active and well! In 2017 the city of Anyang and the Korean-American Friendship Association of Anyang sponsored a local Korean War Veteran,  Mr. Marvin Swain; his wife, Mary "Kay"; son-in-law Joel Hurford and SCH board chair, Sean Chu during their Annual Anyang Festival. Mr. Swain was honored for his time in the Navy in South Korea with a certificate of honorary citizenship of Anyang. They enjoyed an amazing five day visit. Be sure to take a quick tour with them through the images below.

In the past, a delegation which consisted of Hampton City officials, Hampton School Students and Administrators, and members of Hampton Sister Cities traveled to Anyang to participate in the celebration of their 40th anniversary. Additionally, in a past exchange, Anyang sent four city employees to work in Hampton as part of an executive exchange program. We're proud of our rich history together.

An Invitation from Chairperson Dr. Sean (Sang-Hyon) Chu

Participating in various activities of Sister Cities of Hampton has been great fun for me. Planning community events to celebrate the culture of a sister city, hosting visitors from a sister city, or taking a trip to visit a sister city has truly been an honor. All of these wonderful activities require a huge effort from dedicated volunteers. And that's why we need YOU!

If you have an interest in the culture, history or people of Korea, join Sister Cities of Hampton and volunteer to serve on the Anyang Coordinating Committee. I can assure you that it will be a very rewarding experience.

Congratulations Winners!
& Facts
  • The city of Anyang, just 13 miles south of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea—has been a sister city of Hampton since December 9, 1989. Hampton has the distinct honor of being Anyang’s first sister city.

Last Anyang Delegation Visit

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